You Might be From Florida if…

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    You Might be From Florida if…

    You refer to Captiva Island as the West Coast.

    Your lucky number is 95.

    Your idea of a perfect day is the day it rains after a drought or the day it is sunny after a huge rain spell.

    Your license plate is GOHOME.

    Down south to you means Key West.

    You think a cracker is a lifelong Florida resident who lives in the rural areas.

    You know several people who have hit an armadillo.

    Your bumper sticker reads, "Where the heck is Yeehaw Junction?"

    Your son is named after Henry Flagler.

    You think panhandling is going to Pensacola.

    You refer to Miami as the Gold Coast.

    You can pronounce "Kissimmee" correctly.

    Your idea of a mountain is 100 feet above sea level.
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    Yep, that's Florida in a nutshell. :)


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    You are a d!psh!t democrat who doesn't know how to punch your voter card but can handle 15 bingo cards.