You Should'a Heard Just What I Seen!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyrano, May 28, 2008.

  1. Cyrano

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    New York
    The county clerk's office finally having gotten around to producing the coupon required in my county before you can pick up a pistol at the gun shop (the clerk who handles such things was on vacation for a month), I headed over to the gun shop to pick up the Ruger Mark I .22 LR that I'm going to use to break myself of the habit of heeling my .45 and throwing my shots up and off target at 2 o' clock. While the owner was running the NICS check, I wandered through the gun racks. And I came across two of the most bizarre Mosins I've ever seen. We're talking some Bubbafication here.

    Not that the workmansip was poor; it wasn't. Not that you couldn't shoot them; you could. But they were just so - surreal!

    The first one was an Izzy M38 that somebody mounted a PU scope and scope mount on (modern production on old tooling, not antique scope and mount), with a sniper bolt (modern machine shop job, not ATI handle). The carbine was seriously out of balance. Trying to move it so you could take a sight, it had a habit of trying to precess on you, like pressing on the case of a gyrocompass. Weird.

    The second one was a Chinese Type 53, sans bayonet, with an old Chinese-made bipod attached just behind the front sight and taking up all the space on the barrel between the forearm cap and the sight. To say it was muzzle-heavy is to be charitable. It was so short at first I thought it was a 91/59, until I got a good look at the receiver. Why would anyone put a bipod on something that short? It was incredibly bizarre.

    I just had to share. I'd have taken photos, but this shop owner absolutely forbids that. The things some people do to self-respecting Mosins!
  2. mosquitofish

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    :09:sound like a couple of , ONE OF A KIND models. You ca alway add a laser & disco ball.

  3. Mooseman684

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    How Much were they ???
  4. Uh-oh. Rich has that gleam in his eye...
  5. SwedeSteve

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  6. gandog56

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    Da da da DAH da daH! CHARGE IT!:09:
  7. K.H.

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    Sounds like a couple of REALLY screwed up mosins to me.
  8. Think so... eh? I'm not so sure.

    Cyrano, Like Rich I'm curious as to how much they are asking for those "One-Off's". If not too expensive, both are rifles I would like to add to the collection.

  9. texnmidwest

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    CY, did you happen to see the price?! If Moose doesn't want them then....the long branch just might wait!

    I am especially interested in that M38. Although I have good reason to respect Cys opinions...that just seems like an interesting Mosin!
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    The Type 53 was $99, and the M38 with the PU scope and sniper bolt was $359. I admit I'm tempted by the Type 53.

    If you guys want to try and work a deal with them, contact me privately and I'll give you the contact info. Scotty (the owner) sells ammo online but not guns. He might - no promises - work with you over the phone, especially if you have C&Rs or Class 1 FFLs.
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  11. I won't own a ChiCom 53 (just me), and the M38 is actually a good price, but beyond what I want to pay. $250 and we might have a conversation.:)
  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    If it's still there the next time I go over, I'll talk to Scotty and see what can be done.
  13. Grumpus

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    Well, maybe just the laser... The disco ball just reflects the laser light everywhere!
  14. SwedeSteve

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    I know guys who are building 91/30 PU's in M44 stocks. What is gained by putting a bipod on a carbine? Prone Firing Position with the correct use of a sling!

    Oh yea, Cyr buddy old Pal, how do I hear what you see?
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  15. NRAJOE

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    Ah...Ruger MkI...nice little .22!

    Bought this one a few months ago for $175 out the door...made in 1970:

  16. I just picked up a nice Polish M44 for $125.00, from a friend of a friend. I'm hoping to get to shoot it this weekend, and post some pic's.

    It's a puzzler. It has the usual beautiful finish and bluing on the steel that the Polish M44's are known for, and the bluing is very close to 100%. But the stock, while having what looks like the same factory finish as others I've seen, has inlet Dutchmen holding splits together, and dings under the finish. WTF?
  17. Cyrano

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    New York
    NRAJOE, you have the 6 inch barrel target version (you lucky stiff). Mine is the far more common standard version with the 4 1/2 inch barrel. $200 OTD with 1 mag, plus another $30 for 2 more used mags.

    I'm still getting acquainted with it. I've already discovered it hates supervelocity hollowpoints; it will jam thjem into the feed ramp. Louis saw me take it out of its case at the range. His eyes lit up and he want and got his bottle of .22 LR. He picks up odd lots of the stuff here and there and dumps it into Gatorade bottles. He tossed me the bottle and said, "Help yourself. Let's see what kind of ammo it likes."

    So I spent an hour sorting out different makes of solids and trying them out. Oddly, the best results I got with it were with Aquila .22 SSS (Super Sub Sonic) 60 grain bullets, which according to the Mark I manual I downloaded from the Ruger website it's not supposed to like at all. (If you've never seen them, it looks like a .22 Short case with a double-sized bullet on it.) The manual says I'll get the best results with .22 LR standard-vels, so the next time I get to the gun shop I'l pick up a variety and see what performs best, then stick with it.
  18. NRAJOE

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    Ah...all I've ever shot in it is CCI Blazer (thats about the only .22 lr I buy)

    Have fun!

    I want to buy a MkII 5 inch bull barrel next...:D
  19. SwedeSteve

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    Ya, get 2, one for me !!
    Cyr- Moose sold me 2 Magazines for $20 !!!
  20. marion57

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    If the stock is in good shape on that type 53 you better go for it Cy its a good buy at 100:)