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  1. i was browsing, and came to a revelation......if you ever want to know what a candidates true opinion is, youtube probably has it

    mr. guiliani for example

    [ame=]YouTube - Giuliani on the NRA: "Extremists"[/ame]

    this ties in with the other thread regarding hiliary or all people attacking obama for his strict gun control policies

    i bet youtube has a video of her saying otherwise
  2. Thanks SB How's an assault weapon differ than my Remington 742 06 ?
    Other than looks ? And holds a little more ammo ?

  3. your is probably more accurate and you could split someones head at a longer range

    but to the anti-gun losers, they will be calling it an assault rifle after they get rid of all the others
  4. That just made me sick. So very wrong. Nothing wrong with the gun it's the person.
    And those criminals will always get thier hands on guns and the honest citizens won't be able to. In my are now poliece offiecers have the chioce of getting an AR-15 now insead of the shotgun.
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    what an idiot he even said he knows it is the person using the gun...then said guns are still bad??? like i said he is not very bright
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    Doesn't have porn.....
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    Haha, good point :09:

    While I don't really like everything that the NRA says or does, I am a member, and disagree with Giuliani.

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    The key words he's playin off of is "assault weapons". Well, I figgger he's refering to the AK's, AR's, M-16's and the like. He has to remember though that almost all of the ones that the average joe has that LOOKs like their true 'assault weapon" counterpart, are "sporterized". Meaning, in this case, they only shoot semi-auto. One pull. One shot. If they are modified to shoot full auto, they are illeagal. Past that, he's just spoutin off the same fear as the other anti-gunners.
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    Ya'll have to understand, a cop isn't as dead if he's shot with a 12 ga. as he is with an AK. See Jooliannie KNOWS what's going on with these evil "assault weapons" and you don't, so there! :D
  10. Well if you are looking for porn on there search for Saving Abel- Addicted and the unedited version
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    liberal from NYC very dangerous!!!!
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    He talks out of both sides of his face there. And what is with the statement " our police are now carrying 9mms so that they are armed like the criminals now" WTF is that supposed to mean ? Why dont the police have greater firepower than the criminals, you have all that taxpayer money to spend on law enforcement Mr Mayor, whats up ?

    Just imagine the murder and mayhem that would exist if anti-gun rational were true. Everyone person that owned an "assault style" rifle would be out there murdering innocent people because the evil guns made us do it.