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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Shaun, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. Shaun

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    Okay guys don't laugh yourself out of your chairs I got this from my old partner at the S.O. I worked at - no it wasn't him who did this but I always knew we had a few stupid deputies in the agency. Yes the was written by a liberal paper

    Golden gun: Officials in El Dorado County are keeping a tight lid on the identity of a veteran Eldo sheriff's deputy who handed over his gun to a shopper in a grocery store on Pleasant Valley Road. The Mountain Democrat newspaper in Placerville said the shopper took an interest in the deputy's piece and asked to see it. No problem.

    The deputy removed the clip of bullets and handed over the weapon. The shopper pulled the trigger. Yep, there was a round in the chamber. The bullet hit some magazines (alas, not Guns & Ammo) and landed harmlessly. Eldo Sheriff's Lt. Kevin House wouldn't give up the deputy's name or punishment, if any. Even if we never learn the cop's identity, it might be appropriate to make him carry his bullet in his shirt pocket until further notice. ...

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    What a nitwit, long live Barney Fife!

  3. Stopper

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    More juice for their agenda. Never, ever give your gun to anyone under no certian circumstances - especially LEO's and Military.

    Remember what would happen to you if you gave it to someone while you were on guard duty? If it was a drill you pushed or pulled up the world or article 15 or both, if it was not a drill you probably got drilled by your own bullet.

    It's not rocket science!!
  4. Logansdad

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    If you ever get a chance watch "Training Day" for a moral on this
  5. colt45

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    Hay don't laugh.
    Here in NY we had a deputy in the next county over fired for dischargeing his weapon in a hospital while visiting his dad(while on duty) The deputy said "I thought the safe was on."
    They carry Glocks!(safety?????) Real good training there.
    We also had a deputy at a grade school (kindergarden class) doing a bike safety class discharged his weapon killing a 5yr old girl.
    Most of our new LEO's have never touched a weapon untill they enter the accademy and most get little or no safety training after that.
    Our kids are growing up never haveing had any firearm safety untill its too late.
    Take a kid shooting and push every childrens program you know of to teach the Edie Egal (nra safety for kids).
  6. Doglips

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    Why do I feel so safe now that I have a suden urdge to buy kevlar...
  7. Shaun

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    I kept my kevlar when I left since I bought it Class IIIa will stop a 44 mag at 1450fps according to the manufacturer. It still fits comfortably

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    We had a 67 year old sheriff in a little burg here in Ohio that lost his gun in the street and a citizen found It and luckily turned it in.The sentimental favorite sheriff did not get re-elected and for the life of me I DON'T KNOW WHY!? :confused:
  9. Eric

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    Good lord!
    I have a class III license, and they have put me thru the ringer...maybe we should concentrate our efforts in a different direction. Good Shooting!
  10. Some people don't have any business owning a firearm.
  11. colt45

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    Sadly these are some of the ones deciding weather or not we should and some enforcing these laws.
  12. No I mean having common sense. Not the right to own. Everyone
    has the constitutional right to own firearms, but there are some who don't have commom sense period. Did I make sense--probably not.
  13. Shaun

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    The lib's are teaching kids to look past common sense thats why we are seeing it lacking in everything.
  14. colt45

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    YOU SAID IT SHAUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Chris

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    Just because you can have kids doesnt mean you should go knock up a female. Same comparision I think.
  16. colt45

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    Sorry Chris, call me thick haeded but I don't get it.
  17. Shaun

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    Update: I sent my old partner an email regarding this last night and he didn't know but he believes it is one of the guys that was involved in a similiar incident many years ago. If its the deputy I think it was this even gets better. It was about 7 years ago we were all in the locker room getting ready for briefing when we hear a shot from a small caliber pistol. It turns out this deputy dropped his backup piece a 25 cal berreta and shot himself in the right rear cheek. while he was getting dressed lets say we all got a laugh at his expense but he was also put through a very tough firearms safety course we had following this incident. Makes you wonder doesn't it