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    I was browsing through the web this morning and found this

    Mandrell's Fontanel

    Fontanel was designed by noted local architect Seab Tuck, who also designed Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. The estate's name comes from the term for the soft spot on a baby's head and refers to the soft fold in the hill where the house sits.

    The approximately 27,000 square-foot home, built of massive logs from Montana, includes two kitchens, six bedrooms, a two-story atrium with indoor swimming pool, a two-lane indoor handgun range, and a 48-foot-by-48-foot great room with an 8-foot fireplace.

    Outside, there's a helicopter pad and two guest houses. The main house is not visible from the road.

    ''It's time for us to downsize,'' said Mandrell in a prepared statement. ''Our youngest child, Nathaniel, is 16 and the others are grown.''

    Now if you want to see the pictures go to look in the right menu on the screen and you will see it in the list (its the one with the gate) - they definitewly have the priorities straight (the range) by the way I drive by this about 3 times a week