Young Mother TASED, CUFFED AND ARRESTED for Not Wearing Face-Mask at Mostly Empty Stadium to Watch H

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  1. So you can eat outside in restaurants, but you have to wear a mask at a football game in the stadium? In the words of your savior Joe Biden...Come on Man? Are you really that ignorant of your RIGHTS? What did she do that was SO wrong? Did you watch the video? Education in this country is mostly to blame for the "Constitutional Crisis" today..I'm done with you....
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  2. 410dude

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    She didn't comply and resisted and got tased. Her choice. Yes I know my rights and this had nothing to do with that . Educate yourself.

  3. I said I was done with you....stop it, please.
  4. Ten Man

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    You, sir, are a disgrace to the memory of the patriots that died to create this nation. YOU are the one that sorely needs educating.

    Don't bother responding to me, because you are now on my ignore list, and I will not see it.
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    LOL, this is a joke "a disgrace to the memory of the patriots that died to create this nation" . Heck I really don't know how to respond to something as crazy as that.
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    Well if she had been burning, and looting, etc under the guise of being a BLM supporter she would be lauded as a hero...
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  8. Ranger4

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    Sometimes, I think it is not what is done, but how it is done. If a middle school sports association wants to set a rule that says masks are required that is their right. And anybody that wants to play in that league or association then has a choice to follow those rules or not. We have two grandsons in high school. To play those sports they are required to go through standardized physicals and even drug tests that the parents pay for. They also when the sign up agree to a number of terms, or their parents do.

    However, if they are going to regulate middle school sports that take place on public school grounds, they should open the issue up to public comment at least to the stakeholders, the schools and parents and maybe the public since anyone can pay and watch the game. If they do that then it does have the sound of a democratic basis for it.

    Then there should be a big sign at the gate simply stating the rules, just like your do at any professional sporting event. You agree to the rules, pay the gate fee, and go on in, or not. I see signs all the time, things like, no smoking, no alcohol, no pets, and even no ice chests.

    Whether the rule is rational or fair or not is another issue. I just saw on my local news that the entire school system in Ohio requires masks at all times on campus, so maybe everybody knew the rules, not sure. It also puts the parent in a position to have to choose not only if they want to go on campus to watch the game, but whether or not they want their kids to play sports or not.

    Part of the outrage on this one is the fact that she is out in the wide open, if it were in a crowded poorly ventilated gymnasium the mask policy would make more sense in terms of spreading a virus or flu or whatever.
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    It's people like you that are the problem with society. I'll worry about my health,you worry about yours. If you feel that a little paper or cloth mask is going to protect you from this virus,then by all means,wear one.
    I refuse to be told by anyone that is a tax paid servant,that I have to do anything.

    I am an American! I am FREE to do as I please as long as I abide to the rights given to me by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights written by our fore fathers.
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  10. Ranger4

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    I pick and choose my battles or at least pick the place and time for them. Are we talking about killing cops if they try to force me to wear a mask at a kids football game? Nope not going to do that, I will just comply, or not go to the game.

    As I replied yesterday to one of your comments, I have one deceased family member and a total of 17 most by marriage that got it. If I am going into a crowded place and being in there for a while, where every human in the place is res-pirating at 18-20 times every minute and some of them might be infected with the Covid, then I will wear a mask. If I am just running in to pay for a cup of coffee and only breathing other people's breath a few times, probably not. There is evidence that the viral load determines whether you get it at all or maybe just a light case. I will make that choice on the spot.

    I went to the VA Hospital today, They are the government. I can go there for free medical care if I want, a right I earned the hard way, but they force everyone to wear a mask as a condition of getting in the building. They forced me to have my temperature and blood pressure taken before I could get into the building, and even forced me to be weighed as a condition of exercising my right to treatment. So, I complied. They have a Covid wing in that hospital, there were probably sick people in the building today, I do not know, but so far 21 veterans have died of it in that building. So, I have no problem with the mask while there.

    My one family member died about a mile from there in a private hospital.

    In the military and law enforcement spanning several decades I made lots of choices many of them risky. I have come close to biting the bullet many times, three times, very close. I am not going to fight some local cop over some mask ordinance that he did not create, nor am I going to give him a bad time. Why would I do that? I am not like the BLM jerks. I am am not going to condemn anybody else on the either side of any issue. I am going to condemn people who do not go vote. People who biiitch and moan and then do not vote do not deserve time.

    There are some things like the second amendment where I draw a line and would take up arms, masks are not high on that list.
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  11. mitchr

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    Just to be devil's advocate, we didn't have PCs, so no forums to discuss it on, but I heard the same arguments when seat belts were made mandatory & I was one of them. :oops: My brother still refuses to wear his.

    As for her resisting arrest, I've read it on this forum, regarding the people that have been shot by cops lately, comply with their orders & argue your case later in court. Seems that advice should work for everyone.:rolleyes:
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  12. chesterwin

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    I'm not so sure that the "mask issue" is not an intended division tactic. "United We Stand, Divided, We Fall".
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  13. rando

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    I was thinking this all along. Cops lost their control to interfere with the agenda of BLM and Antifa. They will use their authority on folks that are easy prey because they cant do it on the trash. I have seen this coming.
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  14. Ranger4

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    Some of us remember that darn 55 mph speed limit. I never owned a car or truck that could comply with that, they had a mind of their own. I have some written documentation confirming I did not comply.
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  15. mitchr

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    Yeah, that was a case when even the highway patrol, at least in Texas, thought it was BS. They didn't have a choice, but to follow orders, but most would let 60 go by.

    Sad part was that it didn't save fuel, it increased fuel consumption for most cars & especially for the big rigs. Then there was those that got on the band wagon about it saving lives & that was a lie also.:(
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  16. ItstheHOFF

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    I am furious.


    If I saw this happening, I would have assisted the woman. There should have been more PATRIOTS at that game that stood up to that cop. I’d tell him, sir leaver her alone you need to LEAVE. He was just one man. If he didn’t stop, I’d shove his fat jelly filled a$$ down the bleachers.

    When there’s an injustice, PATRIOTS NEED TO RISE!

    Of course I wouldn’t have been wearing a mask either, so it would have been me getting arrested too
  17. 410dude

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    Actually it's people like you who are the problem. Like I said, then don't go to places that require a mask.

    True Patriots do what is good for the whole county
  18. TXplt

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    The seat belt law was another camels nose under the tent 'forced simultaneous consumption' by the nanny state. It has no justification; the original premise was (and always is) that it 'saves lives' by taking away choice (and that society gets a cost because if someone isn't wearing one and gets injured others pay--it's a false premise used to advance the element of control). Helmet law same thing.

    I both wear a seat belt and a helmet (when riding a motorcycle); this is because (in my own personal risk-benefit matrix) I view them as safety devices with potential benefit. The state does not and should not make that choice for me. Mask has NO benefit to me or others (at least in the types of mask I wear and how I wear them) and has a definite dehumanizing opportunity cost (as well as enhances growth of other pathogens and hindering communication). The mask law is the nanny state control concept on steroids (only in place to prove the state can control people given the actual science of the manner in which large groups might employ facial coverings--which has no positive and potential negative benefit--placating weak minded people has NEGATIVE social value). It gets into the scary (nazi) regime when other citizens turn people in for mask or distancing violations or attempt to enforce it. Attempting to garner some form of feeling of power or moral superiority to others by their zeal in forcing others to follow some sort of baseless and nutty ritual.

    Again, it's an individual choice made when weighing risks (given what you might wear and how you might wear it; if at all).
  19. Ten Man

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    And THAT, right there, is the crux of the problem.


    This nation is NOW sorely wanting for very many of those INTELLIGENT, INFORMED INDIVIDUALS, thanks to 5 decades of the gubmint run "Public School System" and the TV/lamestream media propaganda machine.
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  20. Ranger4

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    I know we use blogs to blow off steam, but are you really going to shove a cop down concrete bleachers? She was arrested for trespassing. She will get her day in court. Be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Lots of people with their cameras running would capture that. It is called interfering with an officer. It makes zero difference if it is a federal law, state law, city ordinance or just a private property rule. He arrested her for trespassing. Did you see the other guy who came down there and stood behind the officer? Looks like a school official perhaps. She violated the policy of the school, makes zero difference if it was a dumb rule or not. The minute you interfere with an officer, that is a crime. The minute you lay a hand on the officer, that is a battery, or assault on a police officer. Most places those are felonies and every where those are consider violent crimes.

    If you are convicted there goes your CCW permit if you have one, and likely there goes your right to buy a gun, at least from a dealer. And if he cut himself or broke a finger when he landed after you pushed his jelly belly down the bleachers then it is likely going to be pushed by the local DA in most places, ie a felony. If that happens then possessing any gun except perhaps a black powder, depending on the state would become a felony. Shoving a cop down the bleachers is not a protected first amendment right, not even close to a lawful protest.

    Just saying, pick your battles. This one is probably better fought at the ballot box. I am also going to predict that no patriots or anybody else is going to help you. Sure they may gather around and run their camera phones and they may call the guy names, but not likely anybody is going to touch the cop. Now if it were a black woman and a white cop, maybe so. That is what we see all across the country.

    But this was a white woman and a black cop and not one person except her mother did anything except stand up where they could see better. We have become a nation of spectators. IMHO