Young Mother TASED, CUFFED AND ARRESTED for Not Wearing Face-Mask at Mostly Empty Stadium to Watch H

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    She was kinda skinny, and he was so fat she probably could have just run from him until he tuckered out - even if she did have asthma.
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    PaleHawkDown: Sir; for those whom don’t know about this heathen

    In July of 1939 Oskar Dirlewanger sent a letter to Himmler requesting admission to the Waffen-SS but was initially denied entrance due to a criminal conviction for “immoral activity with an underage girl. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment and was released in October of 1936.

    He received the following letter from Berlin

    The Reichs-fuhrer-SS has been presented with your letter of July 4, 1939. He is hereby informing you that he cannot grant your wish to march with the SS in the case of mobilization because your results of the court proceedings for your rehabilitation, as you requested must be resolved. However, the Reichs-fuhrer-SS is of the opinion that, in view of your having been a former member of the Condor Legion, you would be allowed to volunteer in any department of the Wehrmacht in the case of serious developments.

    During 1940 another action was ongoing concerning the possible formation of a special new unit. SS-Gruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff placed a telephone call to the Reich's Minister of Justice. Wolff stated that it was Hitler’s wish to grant amnesty for selected poachers for the purpose of sending them to the front.

    The Fuhrer wanted only those poachers who had hunted illegally with firearms and not those who had used traps or snares. In addition Hitler was only interested in poachers from Bavaria or Austria as opposed to other areas of the Reich.

    The poachers would be organized into a special “Sharpshooter” company and would fall under the governance of the SS. Meanwhile Dirlewanger successfully overturned his conviction from 1934 and in Saturday, May 25, 1940 he was fully exonerated.
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    The Nazis required the Jews, Gays and others to wear distinctive shirts in public. The Nazis would execute millions by shooting, Gas and 16,000 beheadings. It all began with wear what your leaders dictate.:eek:
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    Hey good folks...... If you haven't figured it out....Four ten is a retread....a Troll.

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    Why fire him without a trial and due process? Make him go through the same review as anyone else. There are multiple videos so not like it is a one sided deal.

    The oath the officer took is usually to enforce all the laws of the state. Not the same oath I took for the military, very different. I actually took oaths for 2 military branches, 2 local law enforcement jobs. and 3 that were government agency jobs each time I changed job titles. The local cop job is to enforce state and local laws and policies. It is usually not his job to defend the nation against all enemies foreign or domestic.

    Some may not understand that police officers have pretty broad authority under state laws to do many things. For example, most State Troopers have the authority to shut down a highway, like for an accident or bridge out. A school resource officer might be called on to enforce the rule about back packs. Many schools require that only clear, see though school bags or packs are allowed on campus. That would be his job. Same with a dress code which could include a mask policy, that is his job.

    Now should he have tased her? I would not, but go back and look at the tape, she and her mother fought him for 2 minutes before he zapped her one time in the right shoulder. Is that reasonable? The local police are investigating. Let them do their job and let him have his day in court, simple deal really, that due process thing is not all that complicated. Just let it play out.

    Seems to me.
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    Ranger - Here is one problem with local law enforcement as I see it. Unfortunately, cops are underpaid for the most part.....therefore quality assurance by an agency is a bit throttled to begin with. They hire people...hope to train them, give them a lot of responsibility and very very little leeway to use discretion. Many local police departments review police car videos....and...if there is a stop, they expect a ticket to match it. This is not generally true with the highway patrol, but many city bureaucrats have implemented this policy to ensure greater city income. In the example of this thread I would bet than many officers could have been courteous and talked this gal in to wearing her mask. Perhaps not, but he appeared to stand in front of her and threaten. This is also a time when much of the country is trying to paint those in uniform as all bad. I am not one of those people. However, this video is exactly what is not needed and creates a rather negative video of uniformed behavior which I think could have been avoided with some discretion and a little finesse. After all, this was an outside venue, with what appeared to be social distancing. My point is simply that a little judgement and latitude often pays in situations like this one which are not life threatening.
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    Something seriously wrong with you if you think your pears are talking about you lol
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    Maybe a pear
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    Sometimes doing the right thing is not enforcing stupid policies. The guard could have done this and no one would have batted an eye.
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    OK, your do know she intentionally took her mask off after she got in, as a statement of her opposition to keeping the mask on. She came from another town, paid her money, wore her mask and then took it off when she got in. She did not tell anyone at the gate that she had asthma, she has claimed that later but her lawyer has not shown any proof of that yet. I have asthma, if you have it you carry an inhaler, if that is true all she had to do is show it.

    Second, he is not the guard, he is the school resource officer, he is a certified police officer and is sworn to apply the law and school policies as written. Not his choice to decide what is stupid or not. At one time I could drink a 6 pack and drive perfectly safely and did it probably a 100 times and never had a problem it is a stupid rule. I also have a Dodge Diesel pickup and I can tell you that the engine drives perfectly well and is most efficient without a load at about 95 miles per hour, I have done that in 3 states, it runs out really well up to about 110 mph. The highways speed limit is a stupid law that should not apply to diesel pickups.

    And I can drink that 6 pack and drive my truck at 95-100 mph hour perfectly well, drinking and driving laws are stupid and should not apply to diesel pickups or to me. They are litterly a restrction on my right to be free and enjoy the open road as I see fit. I am not talking about downtown, I am talking about I-25 as it roams across Colorado in the middle of nowhere.

    Whether wearing a mask is a safety issue or just some stupid law will be decided by the court, simple deal, she can just go up there and show the videos, her lawyer said she did not do any crime. Not in taking her mask off, refusing to wear a mask, not in trespassing, not is resisting arrest, not in pushing the police officer, nothing at all. She made a choice to violate the policy. There was a sign at the entrance, announcement over the PA and signs at all of the rest rooms. So she sneaked past all that and took the mask off. OK her choice. That does not make her a victim and does not make him a bad guy. She fought him for over 2 minutes and he poked her one time in the shoulder with the taser. Did you happen to notice the ranting that she did all the way out of the stadium? I am thinking she is bipolar.

    They escorted her to the parking lot, gave her a ticket and sent her on her way.

    Why not just let it play out. Due process is a wonderful thing. If the officer did anything wrong the judge will darn sure let him know and will throw the case out. And the city or the school or both will be paying her a million dollars of taxpayer money as they always do when police officers do anything wrong. Be sure an keep me posted how this turns out.
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    Lets see how it plays out it court. I have seen several videos but none show the original altercation. In another post below I suggested she might be bipolar. I have arrested lots of people and seldom had to fight people. When I did they were violent before I got there or drunk or on drugs of some sort. This woman paid her money then even after announcements on the PA and signs at the gate, she took her mask off. At no time did she actually show an inhaler or proof of asthma. I am guessing she picked this fight.

    This is a simple deal legally. The resource officer works for the local city police department. They are not going to be happy. The local DA or city prosecutor is not going to be happy.

    SO, they are going over this case in every detail. If the officer did anything wrong the judge will throw the case out, pretty simple. And the lady will get some money from the city, actually taxpayer money. Like I say, it is an ez case, the judge will tell them pretty quick if he did anything wrong or if she was just spoiling for a fight.
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    If he’s an actual police officer sworn to uphold the law, I’ll say it again...

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    I am not in total disagreement with you on how we as people should behave. I am simply responding to what I saw on the video....obviously I wasn't there. I have had friends who were on homicide, cops, and a couple who were Federal Agents. I don't like seeing any situation showing the police in a bad light. Particularly when they are under the restraints of limp wristed liberal city councils. I support the police here in KC, and the police here in Gladstone (suburb) To a man those I know are cool headed and non threating....but ready in case something spirals. The more experience the officers have (assuming 'they' are level headed) the fewer situations they find themselves in that they cannot find a way to defuse in a non life threatening situation. Like you I hope someone follows up. If the gal was totally unreasonable the judge will know it.
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    If there is no law broken easy case. The judge will throw the case out and she can sue for a civil rights violation. The state law of Ohio is the only thing that matters unless there is a civil rights violation. Then of course the FBI can come in and investigate and enter a finding and they can prosecute the cop for arresting her when there was no law as you say. When a police officer arrests a person illegally under color of law, that is a crime and the force he used would be additional crimes. So, keep us posted so we know for sure if your are correct.
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    In the words of an old friend who found out a Chinese company was stealing his art to sell Halloween decorations, “I don’t got time for that.” Court cases are long drawn out stressful and expensive endeavors. Even if you’re right, even if you know you’ll win, you’ll get the life sucked out of you
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    LOGAN, Ohio -- The Governor of Ohio is responding after an incident at a middle school football game caused uproar online.

    A video shared online captured a resource officer arresting a woman after she refused to wear a mask or leave the football game. The next day, the school received threats.

    The Logan-Hocking School District superintendent says they weren't credible, but he wasn't taking chances with student safety, so the district was placed on lockout.

    In response, Gov. Mike Dewine is urging residents to respect officers enforcing health policies.

    WSYX reports the video shows a woman being tased by a school resource officer during a middle school football game in Logan, Ohio.

    You can watch the video of the incident above.

    She was taken out of the stadium in handcuffs after police say she refused to leave.

    "We require masks, you know, like the Ohio Athletic Association guidelines say, and the health department guidelines say," Superintendent Monte Bainter said.

    Logan Police say the woman in the video, Alicia Kitts, was told several times to put a mask on. She reportedly told the officer she had asthma and was not going to wear it.

    The officer then told her several times she would have to leave if she wouldn't wear a mask. When she refused, he used his Taser on her shoulder in order to get her into custody.

    She was charged with criminal trespassing.

    "The police are doing their job exactly the way they're supposed to do, absolutely. I mean, textbook police work," community member Kevin Knight said.

    The arrest is under investigation by Logan Police.
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    What’s next, justify busting a cap in someone’s *** when they don’t comply?
    That’s the road we’re going down.

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    GOOD GRIEF! :usa2:;):rolleyes:
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    1. Firing him as NOTHING to do with 'a trial' or 'due process'.
    2. I took the oath 8 or 9 times in my life for the LE and Military and IN ALL OF THEM I swore to 'preserve and protect the CONSTUTITION', which means to NOT VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE I SWORE TO SERVE! That is the 'foundation' of all the oaths I took, the rest of the oath is irrelevant if it means you violate the Constitution to do it PERIOD!
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