Your Carry Setup?

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    Ok guys I've been asking around locally but want to know what you guys think. I recently purchased my first handgun, I have plenty of exp shooting but not so much carrying, as I now carry, what are your general preferences, what have you seen work for you? what should I be privy too?, what should be, or is your "draw" side if you are right handed?, what is your opinion on safeties on your carry weapon? and how much does weight bother you?

    I have a SW1911c as my range/carry (30/70) handgun.
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    JamesR: Sir; I carry SW638, GP100 4", Couple different Glocks [G17, G22] at different times. Each has its particular fitting. I use ?strong side? high hip.

    Having had many of the major ?brand?; I found a "leather-smith" locally who makes me mine. Have tried the FBI cant, and about every configuration on the strong side.
    Settled on "high" ride type. "Murphs" work for me and my shooting partner.

  3. Holster

    I carry a PT1911... I am using a DeSanti 001 85 leather holster for it. Made in U.S.A.
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    Normal carry is now Sig P220 in Bianchi leather inside waist band (IWB) (w/clip) and shirt draped over top of it. Also have the belt holster, but this prints just a little much w/ just T-shirt. (fine w/jacket). Sometimes snubby (Charter Bulldog/Smith Snub) in Galco J-Frame/SP-101 IWB. Strong side draw (right handed); don't like SOB holster due to discomfort sitting down. Sometimes snubby in pocket; almost always with holster.

    Sig has only decocker. If 1911 style, always carry cocked and locked with round chambered.

    If I'm wearing any kind of jacket, paddle's fine.

    I have separate car gun--Taurus Judge (strong side rt draw's almost impossible to get out if strapped in--cross draw might be better while seated, but I don't use this).
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  5. I usually carry a S&W Model 640 snubbie in an Uncle Mike's inside the pants holster. I wear it on my left and crossdraw it into my right hand, which is a little stronger than my left.

    On the road or in the woods, I carry a S&W Model 60 with a 5 1/2" barrel in a shoulder holster, also on my left side.

    When it gets really hot, (t-shirt and shorts,) I keep the snubbie in a fanny pack.
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    Stoeger Cougar .40 in a FIST high ride.
    A sawed off SxS stays in my truck.
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    GLOCK's, 23 and 27, either IWB or JIT slide, all by Don Hume. Right (strong side) or cross draw.
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    I carry a 1911 in a right side Tex Shoemaker PC Pancake Holster which rides high, slightly canted and will also fit nicely in the middle of your Back...
  9. you can usually catch me wearing either a taurus mod 85 a Kimber classic or baby eagle all in Fobus paddles.