Your Favorite Musical Groups

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Brother Bob, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. TXplt

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    I like this:

    (If you want something really good go to the 25 minute mark of this one):

    (the cornet on both is great and I like the washboard solo on Mississippi River Blues)

    (there are several versions of this one; you would hear Bunny start to lose his range in the latter stages of him drinking himself to death much like Bix in the later versions but I like this one):

    Bix's best solo even though it'd be near the end (band is Paul Whiteman; solo is muted due to Bix's loss in tone):

    A wonderful group:

    Made even better by Ella:

    Ya gotta have these:
    (love the guitar solo)

    And Elvis gospel is always good:

    I played this one the day my mom died:

    And NGDB has some other cool stuff

    Johnny Cash has some good stuff:

    Everyone loves Creedence:

    (Not really a group, but I came away from the video really really impressed. Who would've thought someone who dressed like a high heeled hooker for a performance of Rhapsody in Blue on the piano could be so dang good !)

    So that's a few
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  2. PaleHawkDown

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    Man, I love that Mississippi Delta/ New Orleans sound.
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  3. BigEd63

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    Sorry having trouble linking from YouTube on this phone but-

    The Last Stand - music with video from the Battle of Warsaw 1920 is one of my favorites.

    Winged Hussars is another good one of theirs.
  4. Sav .250

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    If you haven`t tried these, give them a look.
    The Ink Spots radio

    Seems like everybody and his brother sank that gospel song.
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  5. shanebrews

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    Since Brother Bob mentioned the vocal harmonies of the Righteous Brothers I thought of several country groups that had the harmonies on point: the Louvin Brothers, the Browns, and Virginia's own Stanley Brothers. Country music like that isn't made anymore.
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  6. Jack Ryan

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    I guess if I picked ONE it would be the Rolling Stones but really I'd have to go with Favorite Groups and even that would an either or thing. Like 'em or don't like 'em. I probably can't even just sit down and list everything I'd listen to if it were already in the CD deck or came on the radio.

    I've got a few "hits" CDs with old blues guys no one hears about any more.

    Chronological according to when I "discovered" their music would probably look something like this.
    Vanilla Fudge
    Iron Butterfly
    Beatles, it was a phase
    Rolling Stones
    Led Zep
    There there was the high school years...
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  7. jwrauch

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    That performance of Gerschwin's Rhapsody in Blue (one of my favorite classical pieces) is incredible !! Thanks !
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  8. Rex in OTZ

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    Flogging Molly.
    The Dubliners.
    Reverend Paytons Big **** Band.
    Pokey Lafarge.
    Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
    The Railbenders.
    A.A. Gray and his String Band
    The Hackensaw Boys.
    The Seven foot Dilly & his Dill Pickles
    Patty Gurdey.
    Mean Mary.
    The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies.
    Silver Shine.
    The Bambi Molesters.
    Steve 'n' Seagulls
    Squirrel Nut Zippers
    The Fabulous Thunderbirds
    George Throughgood
    The Dreadnoughts
    The Cherry Popping Daddies.

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  9. Coach

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    What kind of a machine are we talking about? I might be able to help out, Vintage Hi-Fi is my other "Main" hobby.
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  10. Coach

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    I'm not even going to bother to try and list my favorite group(s). I listen to too many different genres, and eras to be able to list. I will say though, Hard rock from the end of the 60's to mid 70's tops my listening.
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  11. Gun Junkie

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    AC/DC to Zeppelin, plus Red Dirt and Honky Tonk.
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  12. Rocky7

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    I think a lot of you would have been April Wine fans had they been better promoted