Your Thoughts on Media Coverage vs Rights

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stewart, Oct 23, 2002.

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    By now I guess most of us have already formed some sort of opinion on how you feel about the media coverage of the current situation involving the sniper killings. As with other big stories the media is both trying to scoop the other competing news agencies as well as trying to cover every detail. While it is an important right to have a free press my question is at what point is the news too much. Is there a point where coverage borders on hindering an investigation or military operation to the point that their access and coverage should be restricted.

    Some recent events that have been reported were not going to initially be released by investigators at the time they were, but because of leaks they were forced to. As another point if the news is leaked by someone close to the investigation shouldn't they be all over the story?? Just want to get some thoughts.
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    I hope LE's are intentionally leaking bad info to the press. If they use the greed to the media to thir benefit, LE's involved in the case can benfeit greatly. Give the shooter bad info........ LE might need to spin doctor the reason for lying to the press in the end...but it seems like if you have the shooter in custody you would have one heck of a visual response to the allegations of lying to the press in the first place. "Sheriff, Why did you lie to the press."

    He could answer by simply pointing to the shooter in custody and say, "No comment you idiot. If you haven't figured out the REAL reason, you never will."

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    The talking heads in the media don't have a clue as to what's going on. The sad part is they don't care either! Their like vultures on a kill, and really only want to feed their ratings.

    What I want to know is what idiot decided we need to hear the son of sam's opinion? That brain dead moron is out of touch with reality let alone society as it is today. Give me a break! This sniper is brilliant(abet sick) compared to that idiot slug Berkowitz. Apparently they think this dumba** will be their Hanibel Lecter and find the sniper for them.

    I caught Mark Furman's comentary on Fox last night and it pains me to agree with him when he said that the investigation needs to be run by real cops not political paper shuffling administrators. All they'll do is bog down the real investigation with spin and PC crap.
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    I'll say it again. Anyone who intentionally risks the health and safety of me and mine does so at their own peril. I will do whatever I have to to neutralize any threat or risk.
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    1* I like your term for this piece o fecal matter "shooter" or "killer" is the correct term. I have this feeling that this punk does not have it within him to have completed a "sniper" course. He lacks intestinal fortitude and he lacks any form of decency.

    As for the media - they know "sniper" will get the attention. They all want to be the network that breaks the next big story so they will use any means available to them to do it. So I guess the media just sucks!

    And that Maryland Gov's race, they have that Kennedy daughter on the news all the time and her opponent gets next to nothing as far as air time - where's thier objectivity? up thier backsides is where!
  6. I love it


    Caught a piece as I was channel hopping yesterday. Since the media really has nothing to talk about for about 22 of the 24 hours a day they cover the Terrorist in DC, they had a piece on how this really hits home for them as it is in most of "Their" backyards.

    It seems this is especially troubling to them as it is where "they" live.

    That should really tell anyone who was ever party to or lived near a tragedy what the media really thinks of the common man. This type of stuff is great, till it is in "their" Yard!

    They should just be lucky he doesn't hang around and pick off the brightly lit, Ego Hound, talking heads that are more prevalent than trees in DC right now!
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    I do not think the "Media" and "Rights" go to geather, they NEVER give a flip about anyones rights...