Your top 3 manufactures?

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    Considering only the guns that you own, or have owned, what are your favorite top 3 manufactures and why?

    Of the guns I own, here are my picks (this was not easy):

    Ruger - Excellent value for a quality-built reliable firearm.

    Beretta - Excellent handgun and shotgun designs. Easy to shoot and maintain.

    Smith and Wesson - Quality built reliable firearms but the Shield put them on the list for me.
  2. PaleHawkDown

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    For the interest of brevity, and the fact that not everyone is as in to old-school stuff as me, I will narrow it down to current companies, whose designs I personally own, that produce a range of products.

    CZ - Excellent quality, some innovative designs, and an insistence on sticking to the tried and true "Walther" grip shape that allows them to be aimed reflexively.

    Bersa - I know this seems like a strange choice, but Bersa is a company that proves you can make something really good on the kind of budget everyone can afford. To me there is something great about that. For the most part the Bersa, regardless of caliber, is an update on the Walther PPK in double or single stack .380 configuration. When Bersa launched 9mm and .40 S&W versions of their guns these were really nice too, they still maintained the basic internal Walther-inspired design, though the larger guns feel like a P38 mated with a High Power - this is a great breed of mutt in my opinion. They have also innovated well and make some pretty nice-feeling plastic guns.

    S&W - I agree with the OP here. While the company has had a few flops, and each line they produce seems to almost be a totally different company in itself, they still are great overall. They make everything from an affordable entry AR, to plastic wonder pistols, to bargain pistols, to what are still some of the better revolvers on the market (despite the fact most of the S&W revolvers made in the last Century-and-a-half have nearly the same exact trigger feel in DA).

    Honorable Mentions:

    Rock Island - while they aren't huge on innovation, they certainly are great at making really good clones of older designs, and even updating them a bit. From their bargain line to their top of the line, and from revolvers to semi-autos, it is hard to go wrong with this Filipino company.

    American Classic (Metro Arms) - like Rock Island, their wheelhouse is 1911 clones, but these are some of the best crafted ones I have seen, and they blow everything else away for the money. They feel good, they shoot good, and the fit in finish, without exception, has been better than any Kimber or Springfield I have seen that was manufactured in the last few years - and at a fraction of the cost.
    You can't even find tool marks INSIDE the frames and slides of these things, and the bluing is reminiscent of that old-style Winchester bluing.

    Steyr - I left this company off the list because the thread parameters are for guns we own. Technically I own a Steyr, an M95, but I'm not sure that really counts. Steyr makes a fantastic range of quality guns, and unlike other manufacturers they are guaranteed to have at least one handgun with a frame that suits your shooting style. If you like that wrist-locked firing position from the Glock - they have a gun for you, if you like that Browning slant - they have a gun for you, if you believe that Walther got it right the first time - they have a gun for you, and if you want to be Captain Kirk, they even have a grip frame that feels a bit like the old HK VP70 - which I like the feel of, and which points well, but which feels really odd.

    Traditions (Pietta in general) - If you like cowboy guns, you've probably noticed that Uberti has gone way downhill in recent years. Pietta, however, is better than it has ever been, and they seem to keep getting better. I admit to be extremely biased here because we are a Traditions distributor, but if you are into old cowboy guns Pietta currently makes the best for the money.
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  3. runfiverun

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    Winchester, Ruger, Mauser.
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  4. Ten Man

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    These are the manufacturers I own the most firearms from. They had what I wanted.
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  5. PaleHawkDown

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    He also asked for the "why", care to elaborate? I'd love to hear your reasons.
  6. jerry

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    Innovation, durability, warranty. Affordability.

    Historical quality, innovation. May include FN Herstal, Browning, and or Winchester products.

    Old Rem, not the freedom group crap. Historical quality, tradition.
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  7. animalspooker

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    Jack Daniels



    FN Hernstal
  8. PaleHawkDown

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    I'm betting Remington is mostly a past tense sort of thing considering the stuff they've dropped the last few years. I love all my old Remington stuff, but it hurts my heart to see most of the junk with the Remington logo these days.
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  9. rando

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    I have a hard time picking just three. I have a wide range. I have my favorite manufacturers for semi auto pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns.
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  10. animalspooker

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    PHD - I'm still a huge fan of the Remington I have. But I do agree, it's been all downhill since!
  11. cjleete

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    Seattle's Best

    Black Rifle Coffee Co.

    Ohhh you meant guns...

    I would have to put Sig Sauer on my list. They didn't start out as an American company but now they pretty much are, since they now build most of their product here and sell it here. At the dawn of our new century, they were almost out of business, they were at a fork in the road: either wrap it up and leave our market or go for broke. They went whole hog and invested in their US market and manufacturing base and now have an incredible catalog of high quality guns, of which I own several and am very satisfied with.

    Ruger, who has been one of the most consistently excellent and innovative makers in their relatively short history. I love my Ruger revolvers.

    Smith & Wesson- Although some people accuse them of being a gun control sellout because of the lock on their revolvers, I'll forgive that since I have still yet to see a verified case of that lock malfunctioning and rendering the weapon unsafe. I think S&W makes the best revolver on the market, and if I didn't already have a few Glocks, I would probably buy an M&P for edc.
    Also, their line of AR variants is super. S&W made and still makes some the most iconic handguns in the world. Two of which I have.

    My honorable mentions are SAKO, my favorite bolt-turner of all time. I'd hunt with mine anywhere. It's what the model 70 and 700 used to be.

    Steyr, my P1 is so good, it can even make me look good on the range

    CZ, my 452fs is hands down my favorite long gun to shoot
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  12. jerry

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    No Colt fan boys yet?
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  13. runfiverun

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    don't get me started on Remington.

    well,,, why?
    if you look at the three they are all basically the same thing in their rifle actions.
    I'm not so easy on guns I wear the bluing off, I scratch them and I'm not big on scrubbing a little dust out of every corner each time I bring them home.[heck half the time I wipe the dust off and a little oil on them before taking them out]
    however they just work and they are accurate.

    if I had to pick 4 I'd add in Bergara rifles.
    they are now what Remington rifles used to be.

    in handguns.
    pretty much the same thing, Ruger's are stout and shoot well.
    Mauser pistols work like they are supposed to also, and hold up well to other than ideal conditions.

    Winchester makes the model 92's and 94's I really shoot more than anything else.

    I also happen to shoot their shotguns.
    I have had other brands come and go and some have been excellent guns, but for the price point and longevity Winchester has been the better choice for me.
    for instance.
    I was duck hunting about 70 days a year for almost 20 years, most of that hunting was on the great salt lake [waaay saltier than the ocean]
    I still have the 1300 and the second super X-2 I bought from those days.
    [I wish I had kept the browning gold I started with but it was getting about as flat wore out as the first X-1 was]
    'the rest' either rusted out, broke, or was worth too much to be using as a pry bar or paddle.
    all of them weren't just used for duck/goose hunting they seen plenty of time in the dove/grouse/chucker/pheasant field and all sorts of target shooting.
    I have slowed down to 8-10,000 shot shell rounds a year from those days, but still have no problem taking any of those guns out and shooting them.
    the 1300 went dove hunting this fall, seen @ 2,000 shells on the trap field and is sitting in the truck right now for grouse hunting.
    that's been it's steady diet for the last 4-5 years now and the old SKB soaks up most of the target shooting duty's.
    I bought a new 1300 2 years back to 'replace' it with, but it's only up to about 4-K rounds so I don't quite trust it yet.

    I will touch on the Mauser thing a bit more.
    the rifle design come out 125 years ago. [actually 2 different bolt designs, the K-98 win/ruger type, and the Argentine/Belgium/Remington style]
    the best anyone has done since then is make it bigger or smaller or longer.

    the Brit's did use a somewhat different design for their 303 rifles but it was never as strong nor as flexible.
    the Russians just changed the design enough to avoid going to court. [like the US had to a couple of years later]
    the Swiss did come up with something different only twice as big and nowhere as efficient to operate.
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  14. Junction15

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    My 3 picks are:
    Because they make fine firearms. They even own Thompson Center which also makes fine firearms.

    But in reality, it's a hard choice to narrow down to just 3. Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Colt, and a host of others make great firearms too. My only gripe is they all have been cutting costs here and there, at the expense of workmanship and quality.
  15. Jaison

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    First two are tied:

    Tikka (Sako)- Excellent quality, fair price, accurate, never met one yet that didn’t ‘feel right’.

    CZ- See above. The 452 American, 512 and 75B are beautiful guns

    S&W- EDC (outside of work) are Shields or M&Ps. Trust my life to their reliability. Easy maintenance, easy on the duty belt

    Honorable mention-

    Sig Sauer- Can’t carry at work, but if I did, it would be a Sig P938. ;) Functional, reliable and very manageable for a micro 9mm. One of the best investments I ever made
  16. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    My 3 picks are:
    Because they make fine firearms. They even own Thompson Center which also makes fine firearms.

    But in reality, it's a hard choice to narrow down to just 3. Ruger, Remington, Winchester, Colt, and a host of others make great firearms too. My only gripe is they all have been cutting costs here and there, at the expense of workmanship and quality.
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  17. aht_six

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    Winchester - I've always had a soft spot for Winchesters, the old lever actions are great. More often than not, when I'm in the field I carry a Winchester. Model 70's are far and away my favorite rifles. I also like the 1200 pumps and the FN built Super X auto loaders.

    Browning - For shooting clays it's hard to beat a Browning break action. I've had my BT-99 for close to forty years, and my Citori for 30. Countless rounds though them both. There is some worn off bluing, but they still function as good as new.

    Smith and Wesson - M29, M28, M625, M629, M686, M19...................Revolvers!
  18. jerry

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    Hard to beat the FN Belgium SX line. I love my SX2 AKA FNSLP
  19. runfiverun

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    you gots the duplicate to one of mine.
    the other is the pretty walnut and bright blue 3" version.
    it's only got like 4-5 scratches in the stock finish from grouse hunting.

    [I tell everyone they are from taking it in and out of the safe so the value don't go down]
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  20. jerry

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    Ha ha
    Yep, I’ve used this one fairly hard but it just don’t wear a lot.
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