Your top 3 manufactures?

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  1. ChaZam

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    #1 = CZ
    They do handguns, rifles and shotguns as well as anyone on the planet, unless you insist on getting into specialized boutique markets. Needless to say their products are cloned and copied by a number of manufacturers...

    #2 = Howa...
    What can I say it is a well built and dependable modern classic. Various other manufacturers have deemed it expedient to use Howa's barreled actions on some of their own models versus tooling up and building something of their own. From WIKI >>> "For foreign exports, the barreled action with trigger mechanism are also supplied in a stripped-down form to various small arms manufacturers. It is common that a maker will choose and attach its own gunstock to Howa's barreled actions, and then sell it under their own brand. Weatherby Vanguard is such an example. Previously, Smith & Wesson, O.F. Mossberg & Sons and Inter-Arms sold them as the M1500. Currently in the United States, Legacy Sports International, a firearms manufacturer and distributor in Reno, Nevada, markets and sells bolt-action rifles that use the Howa M1500 barreled action. Their latest rifle to use the Howa M1500 barreled action is the HCR (Howa Chassis Rifle) which accepts some AR-15 components[2]

    The M1500, while being comparatively low priced compared to other overseas models, has been judged to have all the delicacy and robustness one would expect from Japanese engineering. Spare parts have also sold fairly well, however starting with the incursion of Remington into the Japanese domestic market, foreign companies with stronger brand recognition and more competitive prices have caused M1500 sales to become sluggish. For this reason, more than 95% of Howa's M1500 are produced in stripped down form for overseas export.

    #3 = Palmetto State Armory
    In the AR marketplace specifically they seem to have filled a niche in the AR marketplace somewhat below the boutique brands and above the dirt cheap market and filled it with a lot of decent quality affordable AR based firearms and affordable replacement/builder parts. In that same niche I would have to give an honorable mention to Anderson Manufacturing.
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    Like car manufacturers, each gun company makes good ones and bad ones. I have no "favorite" company, just favorite guns.
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  3. Jaison

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    Had to think about Anderson, too. Both ARs have at least Anderson lowers. Very impressive for the price, sir.
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    Mine's the matte black 3.5 inch. I've used for about everything. Turkey, geese, pheasant, and lots of ducks. I've been gunning at AKC hunt tests with it many times. I even won the local skeet league with it one year.

    My son has a pretty 3 inch walnut one also.

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  5. Dutch

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    Lots of good stuff mentioned so far.
    I’m not sure I could narrow it down to 3 in any particular subcategory, let alone out of all the manufacturers of all firearms.
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  6. jerry

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    FN sexy
  7. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    I would have to say:

    1. Sig Sauer
    Most of my handguns are Sigs. I find them to be very accurate and extremely reliable. I carry one everyday, the P938.
    2. Ruger
    Makers of the most popular sub-compact carry pistol of all time and don't forget, the venerable 10/22. Very reliable and good value.
    3. Mossberg
    Hands down, the best value in a basic pump shotgun. I own two of them; a 20" barrel for home defense and a 28" model 535 for clay shooting.
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  8. jerry

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    Mossberg has branched out. Agree. Now America’s oldest gun maker.
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  9. mauser9

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    Favorites are Ruger, S&W, and Remington but will admit my 3 Remingtons are guns purchased in late 70s and 80s. They had some real sub-par offerings lately. Again the stuff I purchased back then seem like high end guns compared to the offerings these days. I know CZ and Sig are highly recommended but have not owned either. Not up on handguns cause last one I bought was a CS-9. Have to admit those Henrys are beautiful and well crafted.
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  10. PaleHawkDown

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    Man, Palmetto State is probably responsible for a good 2/3 of the transfers I do in a month whenever they have a stripped or complete lower sale.
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  11. Moroco Mole

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    Because I come from dirt land american farmers.I chose the guns I believe were designed to be used as tools for the lower class common man, not toys for the rich
    - The gun does it all, rugged easy to get parts for and modify-repair.One of the original producers of the 1911,and make a great one still today.
    CVA- Why? I love black powder, For years, they put Accurate, rugged, Good Quality replicas ,and also state of the art black powder rifles guns in my financial reach.
    High Standard- The guns I grew up with,learned to shoot with. They put food on the table (and I love to eat).:D
    Now only a part manufacturer per say. But... they produced a lot of the catalog guns I and my brother grew up with and still own and use.
    IE. Sears Western auto, Montgomery wards, We have Have between us four 60+yo guns that are still used and still function like day 1. Also an original manufacturer of the 1911.
    • BTW if you own one of the better 1911's, an M1,or factory built ar-15's or ever have been issued an m-16.
    Chances are you have held in your hands, at least 1 part that has been tested by, fitted, or made in part, if not completely by them.
    Wish they would start making Hunting rifles again. Would love a new bolt action 30- o6 by them.
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