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  1. chewy4480

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    My daughter is going to be 4 and I want to get her a .22. Who makes good youth .22's?
  2. SwedeSteve

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    Look at the Marlin Papoose and the Remingtons.

  3. Big Dog

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    The Cricket and Chipmunk .22 rifles are great for young kids - but they will 'grown out of' them soon. They are really tiny!
    Henry makes a nice little .22 single-shot youth rifle.
    Marlin and Savage both make youth models too.
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    I like the Savage guns. Made in Canada eh! Seriously they are reasonably priced and very accurate. If you don't believe me I can show you targets. The trigger can be adjusted down to about 2 lbs as it comes, and to 1 lb or less with mods. The Accutrigger feature still keeps it safe from accidental discharge.

    Savage Arms Mark II Rimfire Series Model Mark II GY Youth


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    Get her a pink cricket. She will love it.
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    I bought my daughter a Crickett and she loves it. I talked her into the one with the blue finish wood stock.

    Word of advice. If you're going for optics, bypass a scope and get a cheap BSA red dot job. I put a Leapers scope on hers but she's still too short to get her eye close enough to the scope. We switched to a red dot for the extended eye relief. Maybe when she hits her next growth spurt, we can switch back to the scope.