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  1. toolman

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    has anyone shot any of the yugoslavian ammo that AIM is advertising in SGN right now? just wondering how well it shoots and if it is corrosive or not-i called them but they didn't know.i'm sure i'll buy some anyway but hate to take the leap if every other round is a dud or shoots around corners,etc..
  2. Calvin

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    All Yugoslavian ammo is corrosive. I have heard it shoots fine, but be sure to clean it immediately after you get done shooting. HTH

  3. 8mm? Ive tried it. I like it. Shot <moa with cold barrel in Mauser brin- back with very good barrel. 196 grain bullets, weight was consistant and power throws consistant.
  4. Big Dog

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    Yugo 8mm is a toss-up. Some batches I've had shot very well, some had lot's of no-fires. Probably not stored properly, and moisture got to the primers.
    Haven't tried the 7.62X54 yet.
  5. toolman

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    thanks guys,will probably order some anyway, don't mind cleaning after shooting corrosive stuff as long as it shoots well,and i'm curious about the 7.62x54r brass cased.i usually shoot the wolf 200 gr fmj but i miss my fireball and the yugo is really cheap right now.they also have the good ole russian stuff even cheaper.they have all the "good" calibers (for me,anyway) -7.62x39 on strippers,7.62x54r russian and yugo,and the 8mm yugo.-got a feeling my wife is going to be mad at me again,LOL!
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