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  1. I went to Ben Avery Tuesday morning.

    Just as I was finishing up a guy came in and claimed the station to my right. Out came a perty Yugo. You could tell it was new or relatvely unused.

    I finished up what I was doing while he prepped but I decided to wait around and watch him.

    He put Birchwood Casey small dots on the back of a target and out at 50 yeards.

    I took out my bincoulars and scoped. He was putting rounds that could be covered by a silver dollar and consistantly too. And, believe it or not, it was with Wolf ammo.

    AT the end of the fifteen minute period I struck up a conversation with him and walked to the target.

    He claims to have already put about 500 rounds through it and he was really giving high praise to the gun.

    He allowed me to look it over (even offered to let me shoot it but I passed). We talked a while and I found out he collects SKS and has several more at home but non shot as well as the Yugo.

    I gave him some tips on scoping the gun and he said he just might do that.

    But, my question to all those Yugo owners in here......do all unissued Yugos shoot that well? Because, if they do......I gots to get one.

    Someone in here once said not to expect a tack driver with an SKS but what he was shooting at 50 yards was mighty impressive.
  2. Bryan Williams

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    At 100 yrds. I can make a tin can dance with my Chinese SKS. I just bought what was a Century Arms *very good* Yugo (I would go for excellant) at a show today for $170, so I havent gotten out to shoot it yet.

    I DO know the Chinese SKS's are great and mine will eat anything I give it.

  3. A lot of people would not agree and we have had this dicussion before. I like the Chinese SKS -- Norinco--excellent rifle.
  4. k8cca

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    Hey Guys, I was at the range today and I struck a converstation with a gentleman that sold me a couple of M44 Mosins a while back. He mentioned that he just got a couple of Yugo's from Aim last week. I told him that I had seen the ad was thinking about getting one myself. He then mentioned that it was in his trunk and if I would like to see it. Well, I said I would love to see it. He got it out and some ammo and told me to take it for a drive. Which of course I did. I am looking at the target here right now, and I shot 10 rds into a 1" group at 25 meters! (I was at the 25 Meter range playing with my 44 Mag.) I was really impressed with the fit and finish of this Yugo. Well one thing led to another and he mentioned that he really did'nt need two of them and offered it to me, which of course I jumped at!
    I also have a Norinco and, although it was unissued when I got it, it does not shoot as good as my new Yugo. The sights are better, at least for me on the Yugo, so I am sold. Now just need to get some money together for the M48 Mauser he had.
  5. I'll put my Norinco against the Yugo any day.
  6. Bryan,

    I don't want to rain on your new 'car wax' but my Norinco is lucky if I get four inch groups at 50 yards....... Eight inches at 100 yards and I'm happier than a GI at a 'buy one...get one free'.....bordello.

    I've got it scoped as well as you can and mine is just a 'center of mass' shooter....which is OK when in a fire fight.

    You have an exceptional Chinese gun there, Bryan and I'm glad you got one....sure wish I did.

    K8, fill us in....well, me anyway,......was the Yugo an unissued......etc?

    Now, it's got me wondering if I should plunk down some dinero for one.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I myself don't know whether to get the unissued Yugo, or one of the Albanian ones. I can't make up my mind, but the Yugo being $100.00 less than the Albanian helps a little.
  8. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams Guest

    I didnt mean to sound like a smart *****. My SKS is somewhat different than normal Chinese.

    Howie Bearse (I'm sure some of y'all have heard of him) and other collectors told me that the SKS's with the amber plastic handguards like mine have "better fit and better made" parts. If I can find the link to the posting I will post it here so you dont think Im just spewing jibberish out.

    Although I HAVE shot chinese SKS's that weren't even worth parts value. I guess it just depends on the individual gun and/or shooter.
  9. No, no no, Bryan,

    I didn't take anything you said as being off colored or being a smartass. I humbly apologize if I came off that way.

    All I was trying to say if you have a Norinco that shoots that good, ^5 to you. You have yourself a great shooter.

    It's just that Norincos, as a whole, don't have that kind of reputation.

    I know I have a few bolt actions that some would say he same about.

    Anywho Bryan, no, I didn't take anything you said offensively and, always....always....speak your mind and I'm glad you did and we got it straightened out.
  10. johno

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    my romanian is well used and groups about 2-3 inches at 50 yards with wolf ammo. i've had some trouble zeroing though.
  11. Bryan Williams

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    I just didnt want you thinking that I was being one of those that shoot their mouth off. Ya know? the ones that always brag they can out shoot anyone but then cant hit a barn at 30yrds? LOL

    I'm taking my new Yugo, and my "baby" Chinese out tomorrow and I'll let you know about the Yugo's accuracy.

    Speaking of people shooting their mouthes off, there was this guy at the gunshow today that was telling me his AR would outshoot my "cheap junk" SKS, and he bet me his $100 to my $10 that he could. ****it I wish I could've took him up on that!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    My wife did pretty good with her sks at the 25 yard mark on her first day shooting it, I reckon she will get better with it.
  13. k8cca

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    Hey guys, this Yugo was unissued, and purchased from AIM for $169. My buddy bought two of them and sold me one. I got to pay the shipping on both. Sure wish my C & R would get here. But anyway, the Norince I have was also unissued, but B-west cut the barrel down into what they call a sporter model. That might be why my accuracy is off on the norinco. I likem both, but think I might like the Yugo better. The sights seem better on the Yugo and I am not 100% sure, but the Yugo lookes like it has a laminated stock on it. Or it might just be the grain of the wood, I am not 100% sure. Does anyone know if they come in a lam stock? At any rate, I likem all.......
  14. Bryan Williams

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    I just got home from firing my new Ex. Condition Yugo and it's as accurate as my Chinese. At 100 yrds, 5 out of 10 rds would hit the tin can.

    Now for some trivia..... I went back to the show today to get an interesting Yugo SKS stock. I traded the guy a folding stock and took this one..... any ideas as to if the eagle is Yugo or Albanian? The soldiers name ("Vaka") is carved near the trigger also. The eagle is on the right side of the butt and as you can see takes up a good portion.

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  15. NRAJOE

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  16. Bryan,

    Sounds like you got yerself a keeper since it sounds like the owner of the weapon was the infamous soldier, Smernov Vaka.
  17. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams Guest

    Nevermind, I got it now...... one of my dumb moments :)
  18. FEG

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    There are over a billion Chinese, and I think about half of them have their own SKS sweatshop. Seriously though folks, there are a LOT of facilities that have made SKSs or SKS parts in the PRoC. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to tell them apart. I have seen Chinese SKSs that were every bit as good as a Tula (maybe even better) and some that are for suppression fire only!
  19. Bryan Williams

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    I agree. I've seen Chinese SKS's like mine that are outstanding, but then again I've seen Chinese SKS's that are only useful as targets for my SKS