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hey guys
got my yugo from aim today fine looking rifle
hadnt shot it yet but as soon as it stops raining i will
my question is on the barrel is stamp
yugoslavia model 59/66
7.62x39 nt llcw Hurley NY
also the end of the barrel is ported
what in the world does this mean
my other yugo does not have this mark and is not ported

thanks don:confused:

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after looking a little deeper into the box guess what
there was a card from the importer with a 90 day warranty
got to send it in
also as for the recoil it is lighter than the other yugo i have
but it is a little loud the rifle it self looks and shoots great
the cut off valve works on this one unlike my first yugo
if i new i would get another one just as good as this one
i would order it now

thanks again
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