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  1. This new shipment of Yugoslavian 8mm ammunition is listed as "sniper" ammo. Described as made with the finest Belgiam powder. Yugoslavian 8mm (7.92x57) ammo, the M75 Sniper grade designation, with the FMJ 198 grain bullet. 1980's and 90's production
    The international cartridge assc.:
    nny rvi Partizan-Namenska Proizvodnja, Titovo, Uzice 31000, Yugoslavia. These are actually Cyrillic letters equal to "PPU in the Western alphabet.
    Besides these new rounds having a different primer and headstamp than the regular Yugo 8mm, what is the difference?
    I pulled down a few rounds and measured components:
    Regular, 1978 headstamp nny w/ red sealant

    Yugo Regular case crimp aprrox. 0.045" wide
    -----Total weight ----- Bullet grains ---- Flake Powder
    1......409.1 grains ... 199.0 grains .... 40.1 grains
    2......407.4 grains .... 198.3 grains .... 41.1 grains
    3......408.9 grains .... 199.5 grains .... 40.0 grains

    "Sniper" 1976 headstamp nny w/ blue sealant
    Yugo Sniper case crimp aprrox. 0.095" wide
    -----Total weight----Bullet grains----Flake Powder
    1. ..... 411.9 grains .... 199.6 grains .... 42.1 grains
    2. ..... 410.0 grains .... 198.4 grains .... 41.4 grains
    3. ..... 411.9 grains .... 199.5 grains .... spilled
    Bullets look the same FMJ lead core Boat Tails. Flake powder looks the same.
    My thoughts, this 8mm Yugo is marketed as sniper, ergo, raise the price 2 bucks a box.
    Has anyone shot this ammo/?????
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  4. Nick, Thanks for the range report.
    I shot some of the early Yugo 8mm stuff 5 yrs a go. I was nailing the bullseye with a K-98 at 100 yards. Bought some more Yugo 8mm later and it did not perform as well.
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    Yup, and it shot better than anything else ever fired through my 700 classic 8x57. The hunting round I like id 196gr so, hopefully they will print closely! It's good stuff!!
  6. I'll be going to the range soon. Will run a few rounds down range.
    Along with test firing a 91-30 Mosin, Hex reciever.