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yugoslavian sks

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ok so i shot my gun for the first time...i had the gas thingy pushed up for the rocket launcher...i dont know what i was it shot fine and as expected the shell didnt release but i was wondering if that will hurt my gun in anyway....and if anyone else has any other pointers on that particular gun....they would be a new gun enthusiast :uzi:
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ok good....because after i shot it i unloaded it and as soon as i pulled the bolt back the shell ejected...i was kind of worried at the time because when i first bought the gun they said to make sure that it was up...i guess they meant when you were firing a grenade but i cant even find any of them
yeah ive heard of people getting the dummy grenades and !!!! but the blanks i cant find anywhere...and i dont trust anyone that makes em..
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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