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yugoslavian sks

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ok so i shot my gun for the first time...i had the gas thingy pushed up for the rocket launcher...i dont know what i was it shot fine and as expected the shell didnt release but i was wondering if that will hurt my gun in anyway....and if anyone else has any other pointers on that particular gun....they would be a new gun enthusiast :uzi:
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People talk of heavy recoil from the HK guns in .308 - it's a matter of pride to us CETME owners that our rifles have quite mild recoil! It's one .308 rifle that doesn't beat up the shooter and can be kept level and on target while shooting. :)
And no messy gas system to contend with.
Accuracy stories would apply to military, not commercial AKs. Commercial AKs are generally as accurate as a FAL.
Well that's news to me...both posts! I thought the G3 and CETME's had pretty wild recoil and that all AK's were inherentlyt inaccurate. Thanks for the info guys - opens up so many doors. I love the action on the G3 - it makes a lot more sens IMO than gas operated systems - but the recoil was a bit of an issue as far as I was aware.
My G3's recoil is pretty dang light. Not sure how they do it differently from the military ones, but US made receivers can be a bit heavier. Mine is cast and machined aluminum with an integral scope rail.
My CETME still has the "Century Muzzle Blast Enhancer" (muzzle brake) which helps tame recoil somewhat. But those who have removed them report that the recoil isn't increased by much without it.
Due to the recoil-action, felt recoil is a softer "push" over more time than the punch one gets from a gas-operated rifle. Especially a rifle like the M1 Garand or M1A, which has the bolt moving a very short distance.
What about the RObinson Armory XCR? Looks like it's gonna be a promising weapon, and the change between 7.62x39 and .223 takes about half a minute, as the video shows.

I'm waiting to see if they really produce one in .308, but with 3 calibers to choose from currently(.223, 7.62x39, 6.8), it looks interesting.
I too am hopeful about the Robarm XCR. It looks generally good but potentially top heavy. Of course the only way to tell will be to hold one. Of course if I do and it's as good as it could be, I may not be able to let go...
Top heavy? I've never considered that as an issue. Isn't any assault style rifle with a plastic pistol grip sorta inherently top heavy?
Yeah, but some are worse than others. The AR is on the bad side, the AK is on the good side. The G3 is pretty bad there, the FAL is slightly better. An SKS with a pistol grip is REALLY on the bad side.
Ok, I got you now, I know exactly what you mean. I think that ends the idea of using the folder on my SKS. I hadn't thought of balance from top to bottom, and that would be kinda unweildy.

I sincerely hope that XCR works out for Robinson and all us consumers starved for a new weapon. It just seems too good to be true.
I hope it's the first of many good new weapons developed by US companies for our national defense - both in the hands of military AND private citizens.
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