Yup, the leftists are here all right

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    I guess we didn't learn the lesson in CA so those migrating here bring their wacko ideas along:


    (Neither Houston nor Dallas are short of a plethora of airports with plenty of concrete and service between the two from multiple carriers. The train buys you perhaps a 2 hour win over the easy drive IF it actually operates on schedule as advertised and the stop is minimal--not counting time to and from station and transpo of same. All of which was in pre-WuFlu days which would affect train travel as much as air travel now).

    I don't recall anyone asking ME if I'd actually WANT this (no).
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    Since I see no reason for going to either place, it's a no brainer for me, NO!:p

    First thing that comes to mind is, why put up with TSA just to save an hour or 2? If check in time is gonna be like with the airlines with check in 2 hours before departure, a guy could be well on his way before that thing even left the station!:rolleyes:
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    Yeppers, that's what we need. (NOT) Another transportation system losing money and competing with other unprofitable transportation systems while being subsidized by taxpayers and always demanding more...
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    Agreed!! If it's such a good deal, private investors can build & maintain it!!
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