Zero tolerance for guns/gun buy back

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    Saw the headlines in todays' paper telling me that the repubs had hidden , in an 1800 page bill, some interesting stuff. For example, as you know schools are no place for guns, yeah, right. Well, Marion Hammer, bless her well meaning soul, says many kids go hunting after school and they just may live to far from the schools so she would like the law changed/amended so that as long as thier guns are locked in their cars or trucks, they would be legal! Now I am as pro-gun as they come but....just imagine what the press and the antis are gona do with this! Talk about surprise, get this, on my aol screen they mentioned gun buy back
    (I tryed to get the address and attach but, I'm not good enough with this thing). It's todays St. Pete Times, for those who can handle thier computers. Anyway, they finally admitted that the gun buy backs were not the rage anymore and it was costing too much money to put them on they are gona teach safety! Well, that's good news, right? Sure it is and that means they will have to support our push for a second amendment lic. plate! Someone's got to pay for the safety classes, why not the willing masses? I love politics, sometimes I think I missed my calling. "Raise them taxes!!!!":D
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    here is how I bought new and higher dollar guns several years ago lets say you want to buy a $600 Sig and you only have $100. Pick a weekend where a gun show is going on at the same time as the gun buy backs (when I did this in PRK the current buyback amount was $100 per gun no matter what market price was). go to a gun show and buy two broken parts guns or Raven 25acp's(always a low $ gun) total investment $100. Go to where the buyback is being done sell the guns for $100 each (you just doubled your money) repeat this process buying a couple more each time and then selling several more each time ($200 = 4 $50 guns at show = $400 at gun buy back)

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    I heard on the news this morning that Dayton is going to have another buy-back program sometime soon. They showed a picture of the last buy-back, and I would have to say that 90% of the guns in the pictures HAD to of have been found in the bottom of the river. And, from what I could tell, they only had 4-5 rifles in the entire stack, which was pretty small. I don't know why, but Ohio just doesn't understand that these programs ARE a waste of time and money. I wish that Gov. Taft would sign the CCW bill, but it looks like he's going to veto it. This, after he took money from the Peoples Rights Organization, and said he would pass a CCW law if elected.......
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    bankrupt the buy back

    Shaun, what a great idea! If everyone would do that......... Calvin, know the three biggest lies? That's right, I gave at the office, the check's in the mail and I won't..........Politicians are just that. liers, scumm and bottom feeders. The only time they are'nt lieing is when their mouths are'nt moving. In fla, I acctually wittnessed a dem, running for re-election telling the crowd he did'nt give a **** what the people thought, he had been in politics for thirty years and knew what was best for the voters! You know what happened? The stupid sons of ^itchs re=elected him! What more can I say?
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    The benefit is that we are supporting our favorite sport by actually buying more guns and thus the manufactures are making money which helps. I could easily see someone with a C&R buying five turks at $35 each that have bores that resemble sewer pipes(No Lans and Grooves left) and then selling them for $100 each thats $500 then subtract the $175 invested and you made 325 which could buy a decent newer rifle or that $500 might buy the CMP Garand you have been wanting
  6. The major flaw with gun buy backs is just as Shaun suggested...except criminals do the very same thing......get rid of their junk.....have more money to buy one or two good pieces.

    We all know that most, if not all, gun buy backs are no questions asked.

    So, to me, the gun buy backs are funding criminals to be able to invest in better stuff.....d a m n ....yepper.
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  7. And, another thing that ticks me off about gun buy backs...I know from experience most buy backs have so many weapons they don't even check for stolen, when it's announced a buy back is about to occur, home burglaries increase resulting in stolen weapons the idiots turn it and those that lose their weapons will never recover them because the guns aren't run on NCIC or NLETS.....just disposed of.
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    Again, the politicians are on the criminals' side with these buy-back programs. The news channels here are saying that it will make the streets safer. I am sure that the criminals who have used a gun in a robbery, or murder, or rape, will turn the weapon in, and the people will have to pay to have it destroyed like old garbage. Then, we STILL have to pay because the victims will have to go through therapy, or rehab, at our expense. And, last, but not least, is the trial, at which there will be no weapon to use as evidence. The criminal gets off scott-free, is out on the streets again, and the process continues again. I am so glad I don't have to borrow an IQ, like so many of these politicians do...........

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    What about the guns

    Don't forget that some of the crooked cops were reselling the guns they were supposed to destroy thus putting them back out on the streets for further crime. Plus I have also heard of people going to these things and buying some of the good guns from the crooks by offering them a little more than the hundred. You can buy more crack with a 120$ than 100$.
  10. Calvin

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    Just goes to show that people will be able to get guns, no matter what. I'll bet that half of my guns that were stolen 5 years ago were probably "destroyed" in a buy-back program. The people who stole them, and I KNOW who did, knew where I kept my serial number sheet at. They got the numbers, and, since I couldn't tell the police what they were, there's no record of those weapons being stolen. The people involved were drug addicts, and one was a convicted bank robber. No, these people were not friends- they were family. One of them died a year after it happened. The other is in Federal Prison at LaGrange in KY, doing time for aggravated trafficking in narcotics. He'll be out in 5 more years........
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    Wow Calvin, that's rough. I agree with all of you guys. Gun buy back programs are absolutely no help and end up costing the tax payers money in the end. That was a good idea though to buy some cheap and parts guns to "invest" in. Nothing will ever help as much as teaching someone properly, if they spent all that money on teaching kids in high school how to safely handle a gun and remove the curiosity at an early age then I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that there would be a lot less problems.

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    I posted a question like this on a diffrent board...I was at my local gun store and some guy was buying up all the broken junk guns...I thought he was a gunsmith or something...he said he makes decent $$ buying junk guns and driveing all over Florida selling them to the do gooders at gun buy backs...broken Jennings $10 sells for $50 at buy back...$40 per gun x 20 guns $800 net proffit.....always says that he is a gun collector who listend to Sara Brady and felt it was time to get the evil things out of his house and thats why so many.....Ive been waiting for my chance but the buy backs seem to have slowed/ stoped. Some places trade Big NAme tennis shoes for guns...have to sell the 20 pair of Nikeis to get $$ back....
    I love it take their $$ and buy better guns
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    **** gun buy backs, never liked them anyway

    Gentelmen, you are ALL right. Calvin, I feel your pain. Lossing a gun to a thief is bad enough, but, family, well, that's almost too much. **** shame.

    One thing you guys failed to mention was, the cops that help themselves to the toys and, belive it or not, here, in Fla., the geezers are stupid enough to take thier guns to the buy backs! I tried to go and get the guns from some geezers but, they did'nt want to sell to me, though I was offering more than the $40.00 the sponsors offered. They would rather give it to the police to "get it out of thier house!"

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    also another thing is i think most PD's don't try to return stolen guns, unless they know the owner. remember some years ago in an American Rifleman the NYPD was preparing to dump abunch of confiscated guns in the Atlantic ocean. couple of them, a brace of pistols that belonged to George Washington!!! fortunatly they were spotted by a sharp eyed LEO. and they were given to the Smithsonian.. wonder how many other historical pieces have been destroyed for political correctness.
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    Gummit' stupidity or Gun buy-back


    Well, once again, you have made another good point, Papa G
    Though mentioned earlier, kinda, the value of any working gun is not in dispute but, as you mention, valuable antique toys, I am sure, have found thier way into the round file or worse.

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    Greetings From The North,

    I hope you people south of the 48th keep very close track of new or intended gun laws. I just read that there is a new bill here they are trying to push through which would make, Powder,primers,bullets,and even brass classed a an instrument of terrorism. Don`t let it happen to you!! Stock up now!!!
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    sorry to hear that. guess thats the latest strategy. make guns, ammo, and reloading components harder to get, under the guise of fighting terrorist. since many of them appear to use the inter-net for communications; suprised the gummints not looking at cutting the net too. !!!!!!:mad: the only stocking up we need to do is getting pro-gun voters to give these anti-gun politicians the bums rush out of office!!!!
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  18. Calvin

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    Well, it doesn't surprise me at all. Ol' Patrick Moynihan tried to tax ammo 10,000% ten years ago. With idiots like Schumer, Clinton, Kennedy, and McCain in office, they will surely tout this as the ultimate cure for the "criminal" element. No ammo, no guns, right? Makes me sick to think that people with that mentality are allowed to pollute the air I breathe!!! :target:
  19. Shaun

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    well I don't think it will pass but we can pressure or legistlators not to support such an idea -- I'll have to fire oput a couple more letters this week
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    **** thier eyes!

    Well guys, it would seem that you all are right and once again, I can't help but agree that we do need to stock up on supplys of foder and the like. I think that the antis will use what ever excuse they can to deny us our cival rights as prescribed by the bill of rights. Until the beast is at thier throats, I'm afraid they cannot ever be expected to see the error to their way. Sadly, the repubs are too guickly forgeting who allowed them to get into office. They need to be reminded of how close we came to haveing algore, the tree, as our presidenta! But, the mantel of political correctness is of such addicting stench for them and the media, they can't resist, now that they are in office. And besides, who will we vote for if not the repubs? The dems? Oh yeah, that'll learn um!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: