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zeroing the sight.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oddbawl, May 21, 2002.

  1. Just had my Garand out to the range for the first time and it worked beautifully!
    I have one question though- my sight is way out of whack. Is there a standard number of clicks from the bottomed out position up to the 100 yard mark that I can reset the elevation knob to?
    If not how do I get the sight zeroed? Also, after the 800yd mark, there's a R Z F on the dial followed by 1000yd and then the letter M. What do the letters mean?
  2. Oddbawl

    Set you sights at the lowest point. @ 100 yrds each click represents 1" moa. Shoot three shot @ 100 yrds. You then form a triangle with the three shot group. From the middle of that triangle you measure how far you are to the bullseye. For example if you were 6inches below you would move your elevation up 6 clicks. @ 200 yards this would be 3 clicks. You basically do the same for your windage. You want to make sure that your rear sight is at battlesight zero(the lines are line up in the middle on the rear sight). If they are off by a lot the front sight needs to be adjusted.If my rear sight is within four inches I wont touch the front sight. So if the three shots you fired were 4 inches to the right, @ 100yrds you adjust the rear windage 4 clicks, @ 200 it would be 2 clicks. Do you follow this??

  3. got it!

    Thanks for the info, I think you just saved me a lot of ammo messing around. I'll give'er a try on the weekend.
  4. zviking

    zviking G&G Newbie

    Remember if you adjust the front sight, always move it in the opposite direction you want the shot group to go.
  5. I will guarantee you that if you set your rear sight elevation starting at the lowest place and move it up 12 clicks, you will be sighted in @ about 250 yrds. . Make sure that the windage is @ battle sight zero. There is a link that I will enclose (Creedmoor) and they sell a 2 part video that I bought that are actual WWII Army training videos called "Rifle Marksmanship with The M-1 Rifle", they are only $10.00 each. I would recomend you to buy them. They are dated 1943 and are very cool to watch.
  6. That's what I was after, thanks. Two clicks shy of 300yd on the elevation knob is the setting right? I have to reset the knob.
  7. You will be ballpark