Zombie Flu Outbreak????

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  1. Is this the first of the Zombie Flu Outbreak??????

    TORONTO (Reuters) - One person died and several others were taken to hospital after a mystery illness hit passengers on a Canadian long-distance train, local media said on Friday.

    Canadian Press said the train had some 290 people on board and was on a cross-Canada route between Vancouver and Toronto. One person died, and several were ill with flu-like symptoms.
    The train was in quarantine in the small northern Ontario community of Foleyet, and nobody except emergency personnel were being allowed aboard.
    "The whole place is being overrun with ambulances and police cars, and we've got helicopters," town chairwoman Deborah DesRochers told Canadian Press.
    Folyet is a town of some 350 people southwest of the mining town of Timmins. The town's website says it's famous for a herd of rare white moose that lives nearby.
    (Reporting by Janet Guttsman; Editing by Peter Galloway) REUTERS

    I think its comming from those rare white Moosemen.
  2. ash

    ash G&G Addict

    This makes absolutely no sense at all. You have no proof whatsoever that this has anything to do with a zombie plague outbreak.

    It's clearly aliens.

  3. KGunner

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    Guess we should all get ready to raid the local mall and shoot from the roof.
  4. just_a_car

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    I disagree, this matches a Class 1 outbreak perfectly from Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide.

    As this originated in Vancouver, BC, only 2.5 hours drive from my house, I'm going to log this in the book and start double-checking the bug-out packs.
  5. damage855

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    I think the robot mole men planted the virus in the passengers chicken nuggets if they had eaten the viel then they woul have caught the Argentian Wooping Farts.
  6. Ok Its official. There are zombies comming from up country. Annie git yer gun.
  7. Midas

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    Remember folks, aim for the head! and don't let 'em bite ya
  8. KingMusa45

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    i knew it, i knew it!people thought i was nuts but ha ha ha ha ha now you all know i was right.my family,my ex wife,that guy buried in my back yard all told me i was nuts and that the zombie out break was a figment of my imagination.im ready,im ready for them undead s.o.bs.matter of fact i got somthing ive been saving for this sence korea.who's laughing now betty ha ha ha ha ha ha who's laughing now ha ha ha:loser:
  9. billy

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    i aint gettin my brains eaten.
    and i aint gettin PROBED!

    homie dont play that....
  10. JohnBlaze

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    Resident Evil 5 is finally being released? I get we get the starring role :D

    I'm ready.
  11. BPierce

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    There are plenty of movies that show what happens when people wait for proof of a zombie invasion.:no:
  12. mitch_mckee

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    I forget. Do I go to the Mall or not?
  13. You can go to the Mall. Or grab a cricket bat and run through backyards of London. BUT DONT go to black and white houses in the middle of nowhere but near a cemetary.
  14. mitch_mckee

    mitch_mckee Guest

    Thanks! I have trouble keeping all that straight.
  15. When the outbreak starts let your aussie brothers know.We have a few platoons of seriously deadly trained drop bears ready for deployment at a moments notice.All stacked into a c130 herc with shutes packed.Just make sure all un/zombies are out of the area.The drop bears will be a little hungry
  16. JMcDonald

    JMcDonald Suspended

    The Solanum virus is extremely toxic to all living things :sad2:. Unless, you are implying that they are trained to not eat the zombies, but will still be very hungry and will eat the healthy people, heh.
  17. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter Guest

    Is .22 ok for a zombie or do I need to waste more expensive ammo?
  18. Ferroflame

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    Oh boy! Another situation that calls for my illegal bomb making skills! =D
  19. GlennM

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    Maybe "I am Legend" just recently got released there. :) But just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't meant they're really not out to getcha.
  20. I have a Moat around my house and i just turned the pirronas loose into the moat.
    I'm ready for them head eatter's !!!