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  1. This post is mainly for Billy, however I realize that there are other Zombie aficionados out there in Cyber space That's why I have posted this on this thread.
    Did you know that you may order "Zombie targets @ Zombie Targets [770] 624-4185 or www. Zombie Targets.net?
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    Lol @ steve, bob, and chuck.

  3. Seven©

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    Those are awesome. I'm ordering a couple Steves and Bobs. But, the center mass target area is useless. Everybody knows you can only stop a zombie by destroying the brains.
  4. Seabeescotty

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    Not with a good gun! One good hit, and the zombie disentegrates!!!!
  5. You're the best Cyrille. Got to practice for the Zombie Apocalypse.
  6. UMM If hillary gets in it will be very soon. Because she is one! LOL
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    I'm a ZHTF guy (even own the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks) and I had already seen 'em. Can't remember if I saw 'em here or over on Opencarry.org.
  8. Here's the site.
    Zombie Targets

    ZOmbie sticker, $3 bucks, crack me up. Oh and look, a 10pk. of zombie targets, $15 bucks. lol

    Someone saw how popular the firearm forums are with this stuff and decided to profit from it. lol
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    lol on the site it says "The only tagets that will eat your brain!"