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So I’m really just looking for more info since the local gun shop couldn’t help much.

Here’s what I already know. The Colt ACR was their submission to the ACR program back in the late 80s. None of the guns made the cut, but I wasn’t able to find any info that Colt sold the patent for the gun to any company for production (Other than the optic to Elcan), so I’m not sure how many of these uppers actually exist as there are no stamps or serial numbers. I say uppers, because the lower is marked as a PWA Commando, serial number 17,4XX. I learned a little about PWA from google, but to my knowledge they never worked with these Colts. My assumption is that the full auto lower was swapped out for this semi-auto version by the time it made it to my family.

Does anybody know how many of these uppers and barrels were made? Everything on the gun seems to match the Colt other than the PWA lower. Bought some cheap steel case ammo to shoot it today and when I say it’s one of the most accurate ARs I’ve ever shot I’m not joking. Holds a 2” group at 200 yards with iron sights off a bag. Not planning on selling it, but it would be nice to know a rough value estimate as well. Thank you in advance!
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Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Shotgun
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