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.45 Schofield in a modern .45 Colt S&W revolver.

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If the rim isn't too wide, I was wondering how well a nice "reduced-power" load would perform in an "N"-frame revolver. The concept of a "softer-shooting" big bore would likely make for a great "trail" gun. While a bit heavier than most, the larger revolver could be relied upon to take out larger threats without taxing the shooter.

It would also make for a "relaxing" round for open range days. Easy shooting, yet powerful enough to stop a human threat (should the need arise). The concept has merit, doesn't it?
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if you want to duplicate the 45 acp in the 45 colt you just need to drop the bullet weight and load it light.
i don't know how much lighter you can go than 14-K in pressure, or how much less recoil you need than a 45 colt.
but there's tons of options out there to go even lower.

how about a 165gr. bullet from a 45 colt case moseying along at about 700 fps.
that puts the recoil level lower than a 38 special in the heavier gun.

if you want less than that, crossman makes a pretty decent bb gun.
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Yes, sir! This is an old story that bears repeating. The .45 Schofield and .45 Colt were old black powder cartridges that employed "heel" type lead bullets designed to flare, thus obdurate, within the bore.
may be an old story but it's as wrong as a soup sandwich.
the 45 colt has never been a heeled bullet, it has always been an inside lubricated cartridge.
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