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.45 Schofield in a modern .45 Colt S&W revolver.

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If the rim isn't too wide, I was wondering how well a nice "reduced-power" load would perform in an "N"-frame revolver. The concept of a "softer-shooting" big bore would likely make for a great "trail" gun. While a bit heavier than most, the larger revolver could be relied upon to take out larger threats without taxing the shooter.

It would also make for a "relaxing" round for open range days. Easy shooting, yet powerful enough to stop a human threat (should the need arise). The concept has merit, doesn't it?
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.45 Auto Rim will not chamber in a .45 Colt because the rim is too thick. The .45 Cowboy Special will work, but accuracy is poor in the longer .45 Colt chamber. The Cowboy Special was intended to provide a rimmed cartridge for use in single-action revolvers having .45 ACP cylinders but not having adequate head clearance for the Auto Rim.
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Got it, and thank you! This is fine, because the .45 Schofield brass reduces the free bore, thus enhancing accuracy.
Shooting .45 Schofield in a .45 Colt chamber compares to firing .38 Specials in a .357. It works Ok but you have to be careful about cleaning due to the " crud ring" produced. The reduced airspace improves ballistic uniformity with light loads. Accurate produces a heeled bullet with .476 driving band 1/16" wide above the crimp groove which helps maintain bullet alignment when shorter rounds are fired in the longer chamber. The Accurate 47-259H was designed originally for loading the 0.76" Starline .455 Mk2 cases with 3.5 grains of Bullseye for use in Webley top-breaks, but also is stellar in the .45 Schofield with 5 grains of Bullseye.

Tom makes a similar 37-150H for the .38 Long Colt and .38 Special for use in the cartridge conversion cylinders for .36 cap&ball revolvers.
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