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.45 Schofield in a modern .45 Colt S&W revolver.

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If the rim isn't too wide, I was wondering how well a nice "reduced-power" load would perform in an "N"-frame revolver. The concept of a "softer-shooting" big bore would likely make for a great "trail" gun. While a bit heavier than most, the larger revolver could be relied upon to take out larger threats without taxing the shooter.

It would also make for a "relaxing" round for open range days. Easy shooting, yet powerful enough to stop a human threat (should the need arise). The concept has merit, doesn't it?
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I shoot Schofield all the time in my 45 Remington Conversion, as well as .44 Russian in my 44 Mag SAA. It's really pleasant, and easy for the kids to handle, but still makes a big hole.

As of right now, neither are practical, however, since the ammo waffles from unobtainable to too expensive. For some reason 44 mag is cheaper the 44 Special, and 44 Special is cheaper than Russian, and .45 Colt is increasingly hard to find and expensive, and 45 SC is moreso.
You can also shoot a relatively new cartridge, the.45 Cowboy Special. It's about the size of a 45 ACP, but is designed for cowboy shooting. It's not cheap ammo (nothing is), but it's cheaper than 45 LC or 45 Schofield. The .45 Cowboy Special is a .45 Long Colt case shortened to .45 ACP length to let cowboy action shooters load ammo with small charges of fast-burning powder, which is not safe to use in the large .45 Colt cases.
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